Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Houston

Looking for Mitsubishi air conditioners Houston?

Mitsubishi air conditioners have built an outstanding reputation in Houston for being reliable, quiet and energy efficient. They utilise the latest technology to bring quality Mitsubishi air con products to the Australian market.

Our licensed and trained technicians can carry out all of your Mitsubishi air conditioning installation and repairs for both residential or commercial sites. have been supplying air conditioners to Houston properties for over 50 years and can be trusted to get the job done on time and on budget.

The Mitsubishi air conditioners are available in a range of different products from Mitsubishi split system air conditioner for the home to large ducted air conditioning systems for commercial buildings. your specialists in air conditioning Houston.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners Australia Pty Ltd (MHIAA) are major sellers of many different types of air conditioning systems throughout the domestic and commercial market place Australia.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split system - single and multi head split systems -

  • Available as non-inverter and inverter air conditioner models
  • Range of sizes for large or small rooms or buildings
  • Air craft technology is used to design air flow
  • Powerful and uniform air flow
  • Self Cleaning
  • Allergen Filters
  • Quiet Operation
  • Silicon coated plates excellent for humid conditions
  • Multi split air conditioners allow for one external unit and multiple indoor units.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ducted air conditioners -

  • New two core wiring for easier installation and remote operation.
  • Compact Design with reduced vibrations
  • Concealed indoor units
  • Great for climate control individual rooms
  • Improved efficiency of the heat exchanger
  • Quiet lightweight and compact

"I wish to thank Jack and Simon who came to install my air conditioner this morning in my unit in Carina. They were friendly, helpful and hardworking. Jack taught me about cleaning and servicing the air conditioner. I especially liked the attention they gave to keeping the unit clean and the garden tidy. I'm very happy with my new Mitsubishi machine. Thank you to April for her co-ordination in getting the job done on the right day, as promised by your rep Michael. I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and heat can cause serious health problems. Air conditioning in Houston summers is an essential part of my life. Now I'm confident that I will be able to lead a more normal life this year."
Janis from Carina

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Electric has been designing and manufacturing air conditioners for the harsh Australian conditions since 1967. are your local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealers.

Mitsubishi Electric Houston
Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has an air conditioner to suit all needs.

  • Wall Mounted air conditioners
  • Console Split Systems
  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Multi Head Split System air conditioners
  • Bulkhead air conditioners
  • Ceiling Mounted air conditioners

For more information on both MHIAA and Mitsubishi Electric review our product pages:

Handy Hint: Have your Mitsubishi air con serviced regularly to save time and money. We will ensure your Mitsubishi air conditioner is keeping you cool when you need it most! We handle new Mitsubishi air conditioner installations and carry out air conditioner repairs and servicing for existing units. We will ensure your air conditioner is installed and working efficiently.

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